“Emerging Women...understand the power of influence which reaches farther and wider than authority” “...are respectful, compassionate, and wise” “...raise other women and honor their gifts and talents” “...embody wisdom, giving freely of their gifts and talents" “...hold themselves to the highest integrity” “...do not need permission to boldly make changes that positively impact our communities, our schools, our government” “...uphold all things good, decent, and honorable” “...can lead from any position; front, middle, back” “...strive for co-petition not competition ” “...have no interest in competing with men, why would they?” “...stand firm against social oppression, which stifles potential” “...are resolved to being their best selves” “...lead with heart” “...laugh, cry, smile openly” “...embrace change for the better, even when it’s painful” “...are on the field, as well as the stands” “...speak up in boardrooms, owning their intelligence” “...are team players encouraging win/win outcomes” “...lead with integrity and compassion” “...fulfill their duty to raise emerging young women that will continue to change the world for the better” “...take care of themselves first…which is a beautiful thing” “...are destined to become game changers…and they have always known it!" “...do not apologize to anyone for their greatness”

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Our Mission 

Emerging Women NC 'smission is to transform lives by modeling compassion and integrity. Emerging Women NC celebrates and supports women who display these qualities in their business and personal ventures — excelling in a way that lifts others as they climb.
Emerging Women NC encourages women everywhere to lead with compassion, wisdom and the highest integrity and to be a positive influence in their communities, schools, organizations and family structures.


Changing The Way Women Define Leadership!

Our Focus

* Each year, Emerging Women NC invites 52 outstanding women with positive leadership traits, to serve as role models of our mission for our growing community.
* Emerging Women NC advocates for peace through service-learning and leadership programs locally, nationally and globally.
* Emerging Women NC promotes individuals, organizations and businesses whose work reflects the values of our mission. 
* Emerging Women NC creates leadership development opportunities for young emerging women.
* Emerging Women NC supports and honors a full spectrum of artistic talent whose work complements the goals of our organization.

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Some Photographs provided by  A Photographic Memory by Steffanie