Emerging North Carolina Artist

Dan Campbell

Our 2015 Butterfly Women artist is a full-time professional working artist.  His butterfly women have been a  huge hit. All of the original pieces are sold.

Dan calls himself an impressionist/semi-abstract painter. He states he is a lucky Grandpa and Soul Man. He has a passion for creating and grateful to the Creator. Emerging Women NC is very proud to commission for our inaugural year, Mr. Dan Campbell of Modern Art by Dan to be our first Butterfly Women artist.  

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Emerging North Carolina Artist

Lyudmila Tomova

Out of the gate with her first in the series "Beyond Powerful," Lyudmila, also known as "Lucy," has wasted no time in capturing the resilience of womanhood.  She is an award-winning artist, illustrator,  designer and a rising star on the Triangle art scene.

Her recent watercolors have attracted much attention locally and nationally with their expressive brushwork, color, line and a stylized flair that emphasize movement.  Emerging Women NC is honored to have this caliber of talent lend itself to our mission.

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