Willow Springs Community Emerging Leader- Angie Hall, the founder of “Defining Our Purpose” women's ministry group, is one of our most dynamic and ready to serve Emerging Leaders. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging women to come together in unity.
“To lead with compassion and integrity means that no matter if no one knows your name, and your name never shows up in lights, you will still do what it takes,” she replies, “and you do it from your heart!”
This emerging leader revitalizes herself by relaxing and reading a book or by working out and staying healthy.
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Cary Community Emerging Leader - Southern sweet would best describe this Emerging Leader, Cheryl Jenkins.  As the Director of Student Leadership and Service at Meredith College, an all women's college located in Raleigh North Carolina, Cheryl spends her day helping guide and encourage young women to embrace all that they can be.
When we asked her what she sees as one of her greatest missions to fulfill she responded, “ A couple of years ago I decide that my mantra and my most focused action would be to constantly lift others up.” 
There’s no doubt about it, if you want to be encouraged and your day brightened, an exchange with Cheryl will certainly do that for you!
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Durham Community Emerging Leader - Donna Ray Berkelhammer has made her passion and career out of serving the community and business owners through her work as an attorney. She has a big heart when it comes to adopting unwanted pups and she always seems to be adding another lucky mutt to her family! When asked what it means to be an emerging woman she replied " being open to change and success."

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Apex Community Emerging Leader- Mary Ann Magann is still trying to get a clear image of what life holds for her but she is confident in her search through unknown territory. Mary Ann says that reading, spending time with family, listening to jazz, and making snowman earrings are the best ways she has found to restore her energy.  One of the greatest service-leadership opportunities Mary Ann has had is being a part of missionary teams inside of Cuba.  She goes whenever she can and relishes in the new friendship and culture she is exposed to. Marry Ann says an emerging woman is “A woman who is finally ready to step forward out of the rut she is in”. 

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Cary Community Emerging Leader- Kathy Sturgis has a doctorate in communication and more than 20 years of experience in organizational development. Kathy wants to create growth within people through Refreshment Zone to help with communication and team building. Kathy talks about how listening to other’s stories, and talk less; we learn more about each other. Kathy says “An emerging woman acknowledges that she is a story unfolding. She is brave enough to acknowledge her gifts, and embrace her gift.” Kathy believes meditation, music, or writing your thoughts in a journal help to keep an individual balanced.​

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​Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- Talitha Batts says “I use my knowledge, experience, leadership skills and network as a platform to empower others and connect with like minds”. As a speaking coach Talitha helps others connect more easily. Talitha believes Leading with compassion and integrity means serving the interest and investing in the development of those she leads. Talitha says that to restore yourself you must put everything on pause and reflect. She says, “An ‘Emerging Woman’ is a woman striving to become better every day in every way...never complacent and always challenging herself to the next level of success”. Talitha wants to empower and energize people around the world.
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Raleigh Emerging Community Leader BJ Davis is the founder and executive director or Emerging Women NC.  She has focused her professional energy for the past 14 years helping build strong teams and forge alliances through positive leadership values and traits around the world. When asked what does leading with compassion and integrity mean, she replied, “It is an unfiltered way of acting from positive values that we all have and not compromising that goodness when thing are not so good.”  
The legacy she would like to leave the world is the ability to know that fun and play did not go away once we grew up, it’s still there and it is beckoning us to call it out!
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Durham Community Emerging Leader- Haven Carter says “An emerging woman is supportive and supported. She is loving and loved. She is aware and wise and yet always the student.” Haven believes in bringing togetherness among individuals through rearranging our priorities in order to lead with compassion. Haven wants to encourage people to do what they are best at. Haven believes in accepting oneself, even though the flaws we all have, to find ones best self.

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Rolesville Community Emerging Leader- Stephanie Lafors uses her photography skills to capture the beauty of the people in the world. Stephanie has always loved photography since she got her first camera at age nine. Stephanie believes sleep and surrounding yourself around positive people is the best way to restore oneself. Stephanie says an emerging woman is “A woman who, regardless of age, understands what her purpose in life is. She goes after her dreams and goals and doesn’t let anything hold her back”. Stephanie wants to travel the world documenting all the people and places on this earth.
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​Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- Wendy Corbett is a strong compassionate leader using her voice to ensure others prosper in this world. Wendy says leading with compassion and integrity means to be true to oneself while also being kind to others and determined. Wendy believes Zumba is the best way to restore your energy. Wendy describes an emerging woman to be “One who is in touch with who she is now and sees that she is capable of bringing more into being… she is courageous in growing into this woman who can bring all she can into this world, proudly shining her light and encouraging others to do the same.
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​Holly Springs Community Emerging Leader- Lyanne Fowle, Owner of Double Bomber Brew Tours, is an entrepreneur living the life she only saw others had. Lyanne is now on her way to starting up a new business. After her new project she will continue to help other entrepreneurs with their ventures. Lyanne says, “Love what you do, the people you serve, and your mission, and make business decisions that treat people fairly and equitably and in ways that benefits others as much as yourself”. Lyanne believes an emerging woman is “A woman who is finding her true self in a world of increasing demands to be something she's not. A woman who is reaching for goals that she might have considered out of reach before”.​

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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- Through compassion and integrity, CJ Scarlet wants to develop emerging technology to lower rates of violence and increase security. Friendship and spending time with colleagues allows CJ restore her energy and continue her amazing work. CJ says the definition of an emerging woman is “An emerging woman is one who strives for authenticity and wholesomeness both for herself and those she interacts with. She believes an emerging woman is a seeker of knowledge and a source of wisdom.

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North Raleigh Community Emerging Leader - Stephanie McDilda has built a career through her life's work and passion.  Coach, consultant, speaker, writer and facilitator of Heartbase Leadership programs Stephanie help community leaders and organizational management find way to support, encourage and inspire their teams to be the best they can be.  If you ask her what legacy she will leave in the world she would gladly smile and tell you its to bring more love into the world!

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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- As the Executive Director of North Carolina Museum of Arts, Caterri Woodrum wants to enhance the aesthetic of indoor and outdoor spaces. Caterri believes an emerging woman are women constantly growing and developing themselves, especially through company of others. Caterri says, “We are all emerging – constantly learning and growing as women, colleagues, friends, spouses, mothers, and daughters.” Caterri wants to better bring astounding art to the world through her passions and great tenacity to help change and better the people around her.Type your paragraph here.

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Emerging Women NC Leaders Spotlight

​“Living up to our highest ideas and forging conversations that move towards positive change”

​Morrisville Community Emerging Leader- Katrina Damon uplifts and encourages others to find their identity, and finding purpose to reaching their potential. Katrina believes that showing people matter gives others opportunity. Katrina says “Through the acknowledgement that others matter, it is a privilege to give up your time, talent, and treasure to make a difference in the lives of others. Katrina says an emerging woman is “one who bursts out of her current state, comes forth stronger, enabled equipped and confident and rises to living one’s passion, awakening dreams, and fulfilling purpose to accomplish life’s destiny”.

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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader - Owner of Command Communication, PLLC, Helen Moses is a voice, speech, and accent specialist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from East Carolina University. Helen has earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award through Toastmasters International – the highest award a Toastmaster can earn. Through teaching strong vocal techniques and strategies for delivering compelling messages, she helps others use their voice to connect with and make a positive impact on their audience. Helping others reach their goals and achieve success through excellent communication is what Helen believes to be her life’s calling.Type your paragraph here.

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Cary Community Emerging Leader - Deborah Harrell Meehan​ is no stronger to anyone in North Carolina who is involved in empowering women to lead with compassion and integrity.  The soulful founder of the Wild Wacky Wonderful Women of the World she has spent a lifetime building communities and foster love and kindness in and outside of corporate America.  If  you ask her what her legacy would be she would tell you, "I want people to know I cared and that love and joy always always trumps any other emotion out there!"

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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader - Ann Jagger/Annie Morecambe is always open to new experiences especially those that combine cultural learning and new alliances-friendships.  Her passion is inspiring tweens, teens, and women of all ages. She created an amazing books series, The Legend of Greywinds, as her way to reaching out to younger females.
Sitting on her patio with a warm cup of coffee or tea, simply closing her eyes, thinking of nothing, or taking deep breaths and enjoying the quietness are some ways Ann restores her energy.

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Wake Forest Community Emerging Leader -  Sally Orcutt is a Speaker, author, workshop leader and the voice of encouragement to hundreds of people, Sally is an amazing emerging leader and the state of North Carolina is proud to have her among us!
Compassion and integrity described by Sally simply means to listen first and to genuinely hear what others are saying. “Be inclusive,” she remarked.
Sally restores her energy every morning by mediating and practicing her faith.
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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- Rachel Cox coaches people to their entrepreneurial careers. Rachel believes its best to always have other’s best interests at heart, and to surround oneself with amazing people. Rachel says emerging woman is, “Someone who really has the desire to help others be successful”. Rachel helping guide people on their journey through compassion makes her an astounding emerging leader.
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Raleigh Community Emerging Leader- Mary Cantando says, “As the NC Chair of the Women Presidents’ Organization, the Founder of The Woman’s Advantage Forum and an envoy of the US State Department, I enable women, worldwide, to start and grow businesses”. Mary wants to help numerous women find the ability to make the decision to make a difference. Mary voices this statement about being an emerging woman, “I believe that anyone, in any field, can be an Emerging Woman. You must start with the decision to make a difference, decide what you’re going to do, and then step into that place to make it happen”. Through her business Mary wants to leave an impact on the world and allow her children something significant to remember her by.

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