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Several years ago I noticed a repeating occurrence when conducting leadership and team training events.  When speaking with some of these women in my training groups, they would share gut wrenching stories of female bosses that diminished their self-esteem. They shared stories of being underhanded and unappreciated.  Women, in their opinion, were rising to the top not because of their leadership skills, but because of the way they could be “one of the boys.”

I remember a local author, subjected to many years of cruelty by her female boss, turning to me and without blinking said “I would work for a man any day before I have another woman over me!”

There is nothing wrong with having a man for a boss, but the idea that we would pick one gender over another because of poor treatment by past females in leadership roles is heartbreaking.

How did we do that?  Fighting all these years for equality and here we are, treating each other in such a manner.

Emerging Women NC was born out of this conversation.

There are wonderful, giving, loving, compassionate women leaders across the world, and across North Carolina, and they are the models that I want my daughter, and granddaughters to see and to look up to!

On a daily basis they push past cultural, economic, social, and gender barriers to be the best they can possibly be in whatever position or role they are in.

They are you…and you are them!

The only way change will manifest in the world is to emulate and focus on a desired behavior and outcome.

Emerging Women NC does that through spotlighting women and young women across North Carolina who have a proven track record of leading with compassion and integrity.

We are also passionate about supporting artists and musicians  in North Carolina that devote their talent to emulating positive messages on canvas and on stage.

Emerging Women NC engages in international programs where women have the opportunity to learn, connect, grow and share their cultures and norms across borders and across differences so that a deeper understanding can be reached.

There is much good to do in the world,

BJ Davis, Director

​Emerging Women NC