“Emerging Women...understand the power of influence which reaches farther and wider than authority” “...are respectful, compassionate, and wise” “...raise other women and honor their gifts and talents” “...embody wisdom, giving freely of their gifts and talents" “...hold themselves to the highest integrity” “...do not need permission to boldly make changes that positively impact our communities, our schools, our government” “...uphold all things good, decent, and honorable” “...can lead from any position; front, middle, back” “...strive for co-petition not competition ” “...have no interest in competing with men, why would they?” “...stand firm against social oppression, which stifles potential” “...are resolved to being their best selves” “...lead with heart” “...laugh, cry, smile openly” “...embrace change for the better, even when it’s painful” “...are on the field, as well as the stands” “...speak up in boardrooms, owning their intelligence” “...are team players encouraging win/win outcomes” “...lead with integrity and compassion” “...fulfill their duty to raise emerging young women that will continue to change the world for the better” “...take care of themselves first…which is a beautiful thing” “...are destined to become game changers…and they have always known it!" “...do not apologize to anyone for their greatness”

Hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Art

Inspired by The Legends of Greywinds


Break out of your winter cocoons and come celebrate emerging NC artists, musicians, and writers!
Share in the festivities by coloring your own masterpiece! Mingle with some of North Carolina’s most interesting people, tantalize your taste buds with incredible food, signature drinks, chosen beers and wines and tasty desserts. Witness our emerging artist at work throughout the evening, groove to some
amazing live jazz, and raise a glass and help us celebrate women across NC that lead with compassion and integrity!
This is the premiere party of 2016, you don't want to miss it!

$65.00 per person • $120.00 per couple

​Left to Right: Steffanie Lafors, Dan Campbell, Katherine Bonner, BJ Davis, Ann Jagger, Lisa Wood and Caterri Woodrum. * Not pictured, John Bradford, Laura Wall,  Lyudmila Tomova, Tom Wolf, Cat Albanese

A Huge "Thank You " To Our Gala Leadership Team !

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North Carolina Museum of Art

hosted by the North Carolina  Museum of Art on March 3rd 6:30- 9:00 pm

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Emerging Women Gala March 3rd
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