BJ Davis,  Director of Emerging Women NC

2016 Yucatan, Mexico

Emerging Women NC International Advocacy Service - Learning Programs are centered around an international project on location within targeted countries that enriches the lives of the people that live there.  Our aim is to have a positive impact by raising awareness, funds, support and sponsorship towards a collective cause.

This year we will be sending emerging women leaders as delegates to the Yucatan to explore raising a tower inside of the village of Yunku so that they can receive internet services. This will have a huge impact on the education the village children will be able to receive as well as an economic impact on the village by creating awareness of the many authentic products the women in the village sale in their co-ops. By having  wi-fi availability, the tower will help to increase the visitors toHacienda Yunku which is a beautiful authentic hacienda located inside the village that can be rented for corporate getaways, couples retreats, weddings, or family reunions.  Many of the women and men from the village are hired out for cleaning, gardening, and food preparation for the hacienda. More visitors, more income for Yunku families that live there!

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