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      Profile of an Emerging Woman  Community Leader

What Describes Our Community Leaders 

1)  She has a proven track record of being a leader who doesn't need to be schooled in ethics as she already possesses high morals.

2)  She has been a resident of North Carolina for a total of 3 years.

3) She is ready, willing and able to become an Emerging Woman Community Leader for the state of North Carolina.

4) She understands the vital role women play as influencers in our society and communities both locally and globally

5)  She strives to make a difference within her community and organizations she works for  without any hidden agenda

6)  She is a servant-leader putting others’ needs on the same level as her own, not below

7)  Her causes are admirable and worthy of support and recognition

8)  She understands what other women leaders across the state with similar values can bring to her life and is open to creating mutual trust and admiration.

9) She embraces the core belief that learning and change is a daily ongoing practice and she is always ready to engage in new ideas that have a positive impact on her life and those she serves

10) She possesses a philanthropist heart; willing when able to give to causes that better the world.

11) She would benefit greatly from the abundance of support, resources, and acknowledgement that is bestowed on her as one of Emerging Women NC’s Emerging Women Leaders.