Embrace Change

Breaking free of the past, focused on her vision, she flies without fear into the unknown. With arms and heart wide open, she trusts in the promise of what lies ahead. She years to become what she was intended to be. With each new breath she chants "Reyacu Nomentis Dayaday"—Embrace Change!

This painting was inspired by the Legend of Greywinds


​size 16 1/2" x 22"

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​​Soul Searching

In the darkness just before dawn, she rises early to contemplate

who she is. Who she wants to be.

She is at total peace with the universe and so allows herself

to be open to a power higher than herself.

This meditation gives her a prevailing strength, a clarity of her purpose in this life.

Above all, she finds a solace in the deepest chambers of her being...her soul.  


​size 16'1/2'' x 22''

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Quiet Grace

Grace, gratitude and compassion were the traits I felt inspired to see in her.
She is youthful and yet carries herself in a state of gratitude for all of life.
She sees something perhaps we don't yet see and feels a level of compassion I hope we all can find.
She is on her knees, in a moment of humility and grace that energizes her golden wings


size 16'1/2'' x 22''

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Joy Released

What is life if not a collection of moments?  She captures those treasured and stores them in the vessel of her heart.  Carefully she gathers the rich colors of life, those that are rooted in the deepest meaning of happiness. The love of family and friends. Sweet laughter of a happy baby. Warmth from the sun breaking through the clouds. There are also times where tears of despair rise like a sudden dust storm. Sheltering herself from debris she does not favor, she is wise enough to let these moments pass.  What is held onto is willingly shared. 


size 13"x19"

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Self-confidence was not handed to her. She has mastered the art of pushing through. Focused and intentional she knows what she wants and true to herself in obtaining it.

Bendable not breakable she’s willing to accommodate what is good and honorable.

Ever standing strong is her convictions, she opposes the emotional winds that would say she is less.

Willing to lead and be led she is no one's fool, no one’s muse. 

Her rhythm, her timing.


size 13"x 19"
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Unchained Wings

Uninhibited by anything that would try to hold her down, she is free to dance untainted by the fiery flames that may seek to oppose her.

Rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes, she tenaciously focuses on what lies ahead, moving ever so poised and confident.
Her beauty is her strength, and grace abounds in her determination to achieve. Free to love. Free to dream.
Her dance is her life unfolding, ever changing.


size 13"x 19"

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The war between good and evil rages around her. Her warrior heart is prepared.  Schooled in endurance and patience she does not falter. Compassion her shield, truth her sword. She severs intolerance. Peace is her battle cry. Love and forgiveness her mantra.


size 13''x 19''

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​​Beyond Powerful

She is fully awake. Perfectly calm in the midst of the raging storm. In love with the sky.Even if it all fell apart, who she truly is could never be taken away.
The spirit of her ancient ancestors gives her strength. Emerging from the darkest depths of the ocean, she knows she is …beyond powerful.

size 13" x 19"
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Taming the Beast

The pull to stay small is significant enough to challenge her to do less; to be less.  It whispers and taunts her, “You will never succeed.  There’s just no way you can.  The odds are stacked against you!”
It breathes fiery balls of doubt and discouragement across her mind attempting to dilute her dreams to passive wishes left like smoldering ashes scattered on her heart. 
Sharply she turns her focus quickening her thoughts towards her true destiny of greatness. Her passion burns bright overpowering the beast, pushing it further away from any harm it seeks to render her.


size 13'' x 19''

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     Our Story Through Art

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Rise Up

The first, and thus will always be a special piece in the Butterfly Woman series.
"As she soars toward the light of a mighty purpose, she enriches the world around her."


​size 16 1/2 " x 22"

*Plus shipping and handling

Through our Butterfly Women art series we are able to raise funds for our programs and create meaningful conversations around the world about the different facets of women who lead with compassion and integrity.

Every year we choose an artist in North Carolina that understands the positive influence art can have.

It is through their own unique eyes, talents and artistic style that they give life to these amazing creatures known as Butterfly Women.

On Brave Wings

I saw beauty, strength and courage as inspiration for this painting.

This is the warrior, a woman willing to fight with all of her power when called upon.

She was to represent a woman of indomitable spirit, ready to lead, inspired by a mighty force greater than herself.


size 16 1/2" x 22'

*Plus shipping and handling 

  Butterfly Women Series Limited Edition Print Collection By Dan Campbell 

 Butterfly Women Series Limited Edition Print Collection By Lydumila Tomova